The most Beautiful Tourist attractions in Nigeria

Tourism is an irreplaceable landmarks and serves as a great economic importance to every country who is naturally or artificially endowed with it. Nigeria as a country located in the western region of Africa is endow with a lot of tourist centres which attract people from different part of the world. Here are some of the tourist center’s in Nigeria

  1. Obudu Mountains, Cross River

This mountain range located in Cross River is home to the Obudu Cattle Ranch and Obudu Mountain Resort. It covers a wide expanse of land and is one the top tourist destinations in Nigeria. It is a six hour drive from Calabar, Cross Rivers capital.

2. Kajuru Castle, Kaduna

Kajuru Castle is a medieval style castle located in Kaduna State. The castle was built by a German expatriate and was completed in 1989 taking over 8 years to build. It is a 45 minute drive from Kaduna and currently serves as a resort for tourists.

3. Owu Waterfall, Kwara 

Located in Kwara State, Owu Waterfall is one of the tallest waterfalls in West Africa at a height of 120 meters with a 330 feet drop into an ice-cold pool below. It is one of Nigeria’s natural wonders as its existence is said to be untraceable.

4. National Mosque, Abuja

The National Mosque is located in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital city. The mosque was built in 1984 under the administration of then president, Shehu Shagari. The mosque consists of two domes and four minarets and is open to all members of the public.

5. National Church, Abuja 

The National Christian Centre is the primary Christian place of worship in Nigeria. It is located in Abuja, the capital city. The centre is an inter-denominational church building.

6. First Storey Building, Badagry

This historic attraction was completed in 1842 by the Church Missionary Society. The building would later become occupied by its first African bishop, Samuel Ajayi Crowther who is most popularly known for translating the bible into Yoruba.

7. Sumu Wildlife Park, Bauchi

Sumu Wildlife Park is a game reserve located in the Ganjuwa local government of Bauchi State. The reserve spans an area of about 82 square kilometers and was opened in 2006 as a partnership between Nigeria and the Namibian government.

8. Gashaka Gumti National Park, Taraba

Gashaka Gumti is the largest National Park in Nigeria covering an area of 6,402 sq km. The park is located on Nigerian border with Cameroon and is also home to the highest point in Nigeria, Chappal Waddi which stands at about 2,500 meters.

9. Agbokim Waterfalls, Cross River

Agbokim Waterfall is located in Ikom, Cross River. The waterfall consists of 7 streams that cascade into a pool below. It is surrounded by lush greenery and is a major hiking destination in Cross River state located 315 km from Calabar.

10. Zuma Rock, Niger

Zuma Rock is a large monolith and is one of the most notable tourist attractions in Nigeria. It is located in Suleja, Niger State and is about 30 minutes from Nigeria’s capital Abuja. It is referred to as the gateway to Abuja and stands at about 300 meters.

11. Lekki Conservation Center, Lagos

The center is a 190 acre conservation area in Lekki, Lagos. It was established in 1990 by Chevron for the Nigerian Conservation Foundation. It consists of various animal and plant species and is also home to the famous Lagos Canopy Walkway.

12. Ngwo Pine Forest, Enugu

Ngwo Pine Forest is a pine forest located in Enugu along the Old Enugu-Onitsha Road. It is a scenic hiking destination and it is also home to the famous Awhum waterfall and limestone caves.

13. Wikki Warm Springs, Bauchi

These warm springs are located within the Yankari National Park and Game Reserve in Bauchi state. The spring is a result of geothermal activity within the park and maintains a constant temperature of 32 degrees making it perfect for swimming.

14. Tulo-Tulo Oasis, Yobe

This desert oasis is located in the Yusufari desert in Yobe State and is one of Nigeria’s undiscovered gems. It is home to the Kanuri speaking people and has historically served as a stop camel caravans carrying Potash which is also known as black salt.

15. Ibom Golf Resort, Akwa Ibom

The Ibom Golf Resort is located in Uyo, Akwa Ibom and is the top resort destination in Nigeria. The resort is home to one of West Africa’s best golf courses. The resort also serves as a popular conference destination in Nigeria.

16. Gurara Falls, Niger

This waterfall is one of the most popular tourism destinations in Nigeria and is the most popular waterfall attraction in the country. It is located in Niger State about two hours from Abuja. It is 30 ft in height and about 200 meters wide.

17. Ikogosi Warm springs 

The Ikogosi Warm Springs is a tourist attraction located at Ikogosi, a town in Ekiti State, southwestern Nigeria. Flowing is the warm spring and cold spring which meets at a confluence, each maintaining its thermal properties.

18. Yankari National Park, park in Bauchi state, east-central Nigeria, southeast of Bauchi town. It was established as a game reserve in 1956 and became a national park in 1991. It covers 870 square miles (2,254 square km). The park, at an elevation of about 1,600 feet (500 m), has characteristic savanna vegetation, including swamps in river floodplains, grasslands, and thick bush. Yankari is rich in animal life, with antelopes (roan, waterbuckbushbuck, and hartebeest), elephants, hippopotamuses, giraffes, baboons, hyenas, lions, leopards, and crocodiles. Special features of the park include ancient sandstone cisterns, carved by former inhabitants for water storage, and the Wikki Warm Springs.

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