6 Ancient Tribes From Africa And Europe That Worshipped “thunder Gods”

6 Ancient Tribes From Africa And Europe That Worshipped “thunder Gods”




Though this article is focusing on six of the most popularly known Thunder Gods, a simple research shows that diverse cultures scattered all over the ancient world had something similar. They might actually be the most venerated Gods in the medieval ages.

From Africa to Europe, Asia, America and Australia, the Thunder Gods have been reverenced and venerated by hundreds of thousands of people. They have also formed the major part of some tribe’s traditions and cultures, especially from the teachings associated with them.

Anyway, here’s just 6 out of them.


Amadioha is a very popular God among the Igbo tribe of Nigeria. He wields thunder and lightning in his hands and is said to be the enforcer of Odinani Igbo. Odinani is the Igbo laws that governed the people’s religious and cultural practices.


According to Egyptian mythologies, he is the son of Earth and Sky and the God of deserts. He is often portrayed as having a likening to violence and disorder.


He is probably the most popular of the bunch as part of mainstream culture. Zeus is the God of lightning and thunder in Greek mythologies. He is the king of the Olympiads [Greek Gods and Goddesses]. He had two brothers, Poseidon(god of the seas) and Hades(god of death and underworld)


Sango is considered to be one of the most powerful rulers in Yoruba land before he became the fearless and powerful God of thunder, lightning and fire as an Orisha.


In ancient Roman religion, Jupiter is the God of the Sky and thunder. He rules the Gods associated with the Romans and can conjure lightning bolts as well. He is simply recognized as the “sky father”.


He is a Norse God that wields thunder and lightning. In Norse mythology, he is the son of Odin, the Allfather.

The end.

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